Mariette Sluyter is a renaissance woman who has been in the arts for many years as a writer, actor and arts based community developer.

Over the years she has been the voice of Safeway, Volvo, Jaguar, Honda, First Calgary Savings, and many more.  Some may know her work from anime and cartoons, as the voice of Midori in My-Hime, Meifon Li in Angel Links & Dragon Ball Z.

She is always ready and willing to play and explore.  Here is an example of some on camera work!

“Mariette is talented, dependable and a joy to work with. In fact, it hardly feels like work when we connect for a session. She makes my job easy.”  Josh Friesen, Music Composer and Audio Director at WineStudios/GrapeCity

Here is Mariette doing what she loves talking about Art & Community Development

Mariette lives on a farm, with donkeys and dogs and works out of the lovely Milk Shed Studio via Source Connect, Skype & ISDN.  She’s available to voice your project and promises the donkeys will be good.

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