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Getting Down to Business

Summer slows down for everyone except the farmer.  As fall approaches I am looking forward to settling in behind the mic and having clean fingernails!

The farm has been bountiful and always a learning experience.  Check out the home video of the Kidney Bean harvest:

How I spent my summer… with Kidney Beans:




This is a special shout out to you, the fans of anime!  You have been more than generous to me with your praise and support of my body of work.  It is a little more difficult to VO ADR and Anime from the farm but know that my time with you has been fun and enjoyable.

If you have questions about the work or are just curious I am happy to answer your questions as best I can… although you are likely more of an expert than I!

Thanks again for all your support!


The Farm

Surely you can’t just be here for the earcandy.  Check out the the amazing farm that drew me away from city life.

But you can’t take the city out of the girl… Milk Shed Studios is an homage to the 100 year old homestead with all the latest technology but you didn’t click on this link for that so…


Art & Community Development: Purpose Driven

In her spare time, Mariette works tirelessly to draw out stories in the community that might be helpful for us all to listen to and remember.  These stories are often from disenfranchised or marginalized communities.  Here is a sample from one of the projects she has been working on.