Natural, friendly, strong, professional, quirky and flexible.

All words that describe the voice over talent of Mariette Sluyter.

Ah, but this experienced actor can turn on a dime and give you exuberant cartoon characters that shape the landscape of animation today. Words fail to describe this “one take wonder”.  With a voice so honest and natural, you really should take a listen and fall in love with the voice of Mariette Sluyter.

Mariette has over 10 years as a voice artist in commercial voicing, cartoons, prelay & adr.  A professionally trained voice actor, she has the ability to produce consistent quality.

Take a quick listen to just one of her many demos and we’re sure you will agree she’s the voice you want to represent your ideas.

Creative by Andy Agioritis at City Television, Creative Department, Calgary.

“Mariette is one of my favourite voices to work with. She is completely at home behind the mic, and delivers believable performances every time.”  Brad Belcher, Forge Audio

Contact Info:

ph 1 778 585 3276

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